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miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

in (s) pirada.

Years ago...

Hace unos años, en un día absolutamente (kaotao), triste por no ver salida a mi alrededor... (Here, in  this place and on this tieme,  I am as the odd men out.).

I asked to the heaven some help... One name cames to me HISINAI.

Since 2006 from now Hisinai is close to me... look and see...what we are doing and what we are loking for!

hisinai, for me is earth, abstract time, natural spirit, freedom, inside wise, desert and peace.

It´s funny, funky, fool

What to do?. If you can help me to know Hisinai better I will be very happy.

The last picture found It trouh internet. The first and the second one are mine. I haven´t finish yet. 

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